Waste to Energy Solutions Inc

Local waste into sustainable local benefits

Key Officers

Mr. Maclin is a University of Virginia Graduate and began his career with Price Waterhouse in Dallas Tx.  Over 20 years of beachfront development along the Florida/Alabama coasts lead him to a passion for sustainable agriculture and greenscape.  Sustainable doesn’t just mean green its really a philosophy of something that stands up in the light of day.  The internet has made sustainable labor, raw materials, energy and water practices achievable by those who choose to do it.  Strategic alliances with these types of companies  is our goal.   Henry.maclin@wesionline.com c. 850-376-5215

Henry W. Maclin III, CEO, Dir
James D. (Don)  Murphy, CLO, Dir

Mr. Murphy is from Slocomb, AL and began his career in the seat of a long haul truck before he was 20.  After years of “seeing the country” and “dropping in on friends” he foresaw the enormous potential of diverting biomass from landfills to higher utilization values for energy and manufacturing.  Over 20 years and a million tons later he orchestrates a contract fleet of 100 to 1000 trucks on any given day up and down the Eastern US.  Don knew Logistics when Logistics wasn’t cool.  His  persistence to change has saved major clients millions of dollars.  A technology savvy investor he brings innovation one conversation at a time.  Wastetoenergyinc@aol.com c.334-701-6911


Mr. Black’s career spans banking, timber management, timber sales, real estate development and sales.  A native of Atlanta and graduate of Washington and Lee University,  he is a student of history and brings a gentleman’s manners into even the most heated business environment.  A passion for mission, Mr. Black is also on the Board of Sacred Hands Studio, a nonprofit company bringing aid to churches and missions in the US and abroad. David.black@wesionline.com  c. 404-643-5393

David C. Black III, COO, Dir